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Saturday: 9:30 am and at sundown (check calendar below for sundown time)
Sunday: 8:30 am and 6:00 pm
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Candle Lighting and Weekly Torah Portion
Selichot Services
Start Date/Time: Saturday, September 21, 2019 9:00 PM
Recurring Event: One time event
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Study, Song, and Selichot

Study at 8:45 pm  

“To Gaze at the Beauty of Adonai: Beauty, Wonder, and Desire in Psalm 27”

Join Cantor Michael McCloskey as we explore Psalm 27, recited every day from the beginning of the month of Elul until the end of Sukkot.  What does this text each us regarding inner light, resilience, and the appreciation of beauty and renewed wonder?  We will examine the language and poetry of the psalm, its calendrical context, and also engage with it through the lenses of classical and mystical commentators. 

Song at 10:00 pm

Selichot Service and Dedication of Memorial Plaques

Our Service is led by Rabbi Turetz and Cantor Michael, with music by some of the greatest cantorial composers, including Eliezer Gerovitsch, David Putterman, Shalom Secunda, and Shlomo Ravitz, and our music directors Morrie Bleiweis (may his name be for a blessing) and Gennady Konnikov.

Selichot are prayers of penitence.  Each of these liturgical poems explores the motif of Moses pleading for mercy on behalf of the Jewish people after the worship of the golden calf.  Because of his compassionate plea for the Israelites, our greatest prophet and teacher was given the “Thirteen Attributes”, a Divine name that causes the Holy Blessed One to ascend from the throne of judgement to the higher throne of compassion. 

These prayers of repentance are first chanted at a meditational service that occurs either the Saturday night a week prior to Rosh HaShanah or the Saturday night immediately prior to the New Year.  Traditionally held at midnight, this service showcases many of the most beautiful melodies of the high holy day season and is a wonderful way of awakening ourselves to awe and compassion for both our fellow human beings and ourselves.

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