Thursday, January 18, 2018
Post-Kiddush Study with Dr. Davin Wolok
Start Date/Time: Saturday, April 22, 2017 12:15 PM
Recurring Event: Recurring Event Every 2 weeks until 6/17/2017 (total 8 events)
Importance: Normal Priority

Please join Dr. Davin Wolok for Post-Kiddush Study session. The unifing theme will be: Nurturing the Spark Within: Illumination of Soul through the Light of Torah. In the world in which we dwell we encounter both the uplifting and the depressing, both the ennobling and the discouraging, both light and darkness.  It is the conviction of Judaism that the light will ultimately prevail, but even now we may draw upon inner resources, strengthening us in confronting the darkness.  A spark of light exists within, which may grow in response to the Word of Torah addressing it from without. In our Shabbat sessions we will encounter Torah as an elixir, a tonic for the soul, in our journey together, God willing, toward the Eternal Day of Light.  "Through Your light we shall see light."  May the Torah touch you, and may you touch your fellow seekers with the light of your very own spirit and soul. Today's topic will be "The Torah as an Inspiration for Jewish Liturgy: Drawing Close to God through Sacrifice and Prayer." See flyer.