Monday, August 03, 2020

Israeli Dance Troupe - P'ninei Emet

Formed in 2007, Temple Emeth’s Israeli Dance Troupe performs regularly at the Temple and at Boston-area events. Israeli and Jewish subject matter forms the basis for the choreography, which is performed in various styles, including jazz, contemporary dance, character and Israeli folk. Participants learn various dance techniques, and develop team work and stage performance skills. Newcomers are welcome. Tuesday lessons are specifically designed for preschool age children. The Troupe is led by Alla Shimron, a native of Israel and the former director of a dance troupe there.

Pniney Emeth Dance Troupe

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Pniney Emeth Dance Troupe is celebrating 6 years of successful performances and dancer friendships. Students learn dance techniques, teamwork, and stage performance skills. Pniney Emeth is under the direction of choreographer Alla Shimron, whose choreography is based on several dance styles: Israeli Folk (Rikuday Am), Jazz, Contemporary, Hip-Hop, and more.
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The Israeli Dance Troupe is one of Temple Emeth’s innovative after-school Chugim Enrichment Programs.

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