Coffee with Cantor Michael

May 27, 2021    
8:30 am - 9:30 am

Join Cantor Michael McCloskey in this six week course, conducted via zoom at 8:30am on Thursdays.

This six week course will be on the Book of BaMidbar.

Welcome to Camp Sinai: The Book of BaMidbar

Welcome to Camp Sinai. The weather’s always a bit cloudy. Your camp director, Moses, seems a little aloof, but he’s the best mountain climber you’ve ever seen. His sister, Miriam, the Rosh Shirah (Song-leader), is very engaging, however, and always seems to find the best streams to escape the heat. Aaron, his brother, the assistant director, is very personable, consistently called upon to mediate disputes between tent-mates, usually involving that guy Korah or sometimes Datan and Abiram. No one can tend a fire like Aaron and Moses. It never seems to go out. You’re hoping to spend a meaningful summer here, fortifying yourself with new experiences and “roughing it” before moving to your your new house in Canaan. There’s just one glitch. Apparently, your 11 day camp session is now a 40 year experience of “roughing it!”

Join Cantor Michael, Cantor-Educator, as we imagine the wilderness treks of our ancestors and unpack the following themes:

Travel leading to growth and resilience, being owner-less yet connected in relationship, wireless Judaism (creating a mobile Jewish community), and pluralism and its limits.

Kaddish will be recited for those celebrating a yahrzeit or who are currently in mourning, provided we have a virtual minyan or quorum.

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