Temple Emeth Funds

The Temple maintains a wide range of both unrestricted and special-purpose funds to support:

  • Building and grounds
  • Cultural enrichment
  • Educational programming
  • General or specific purposes
  • Religious observance and community needs
  • Scholarships
  • Social action initiatives
  • Youth activities and programs

Many of the funds were initiated by gifts from various members/families within our synagogue community; others were established from the Temple’s operating and capital resources. Your contributions to these funds will help sustain the underlying purposes; and your interest in establishing a new fund ($5,000 minimum donation), or identifying an unmet need, is equally appreciated.

Temple Emeth Funds are an ideal choice when celebrating a simcha, honoring a special occasion, sending a recovery wish, memorializing a Yahrzeit or recent condolence. There are no minimums or limits, and any gift, regardless of size, is important and greatly appreciated. Acknowledgment of the gift is sent to the beneficiary(ies). You can remain anonymous, if desired, and the amount is kept confidential.

Our Online Donations Form shows individual funds, categorized as above. While we have done our best to include all active funds, please contact us if we have missed one.