About Us

This is a place
For open arms and conscientious hearts
For the spiritually curious and intellectually minded
For folks who live and thrive as part of a community

For embracing Jewish rituals and engaging with new ideas
For smile-givers and colorful celebrators
For singers and seekers and shabbat candle-lighters
For old souls and the young at heart

For doers and dream-builders
For those who love Israel (particularly hummus!)
For celebrating when life is good, and supporting each other when life gets hard

There is a place for you here.


all races & ethnicities

all gender identities

all sexual orientations

all countries of origin

all abilities & disabilities

all spoken languages

all ages

We look forward to hearing from you.

For general inquiries, please contact .

To contact our individual committee leaders:

Brotherhood Michael Clayton, President
Chesed Committee
Congregational Learning Committee Scott Gladstone, Chair
Development Committee Nancy Freed, Chair
Finance Committee Harvey Albert, Chair
House Committee
Memorial Park Committee Peter Shapiro, Chair
Music Committee Cantor Michael McCloskey
Ritual Committee David Flad, Chair
Youth Commission